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LowInputBreeds Technical Notes

More LowInputBreeds Technical Notes now online

The European LowInputBreeds project is producing a number of Technical Notes. The Technical Notes cover key themes and results from the LowInputBreeds project.



New additions to the LowInputBreeds Technical notes  include

  • 1.1 Genomic breeding programs – a large step forward for low-input dairy cattle breeding?
  • 2.4 Impacts of the diet on sheep milk quality under Mediterranean conditions
  • 2.5 Alternative control of gastro in-testinal nematodes in low-input sheep and goat production
  • 3.2 Challenges and solutions to problems in pork quality
  • 3.3 Saving traditional pig breeds
  • 3.5 Piglet management in organic and low-input systems
  • 4.2 Regional high protein feeds for poultry diets

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