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Dr. Hervé Hoste
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March 25-28, 2013: Conference on novel approaches to the control to helminth parasites in livestock in Toulouse, France

The the conference "Novel approaches to the control to helminth parasites in livestock" will take place in Toulouse, France, in March 2013. It is organised in the framework of the international conferece series "Novel Approaches (NA) to the Control of Helminth in Livestock" and by the COST Action CAPARA FA0805. Low InputBreedsd partner Hervé Hoste from INRA Toulouse acts as the chair of the local organising committee.


Helminth infection of livestock remains worldwide a major issue for animal health because of the major economical impact of these infections on production losses and welfare. Whatever the continent, the costs of production losses due to helminth infections are estimated at several millions of dollars. Zoonotic helminth infections also represent a major issue for human health and well being.

Since the first meeting in Armidale (Australia) in 1995, the International Conferences on the Novel Approaches (NA) to the Control of Helminth in Livestock aimed at stimulating links between scientists and specialist of extension services from developed, emerging and developing countries on the specific topic of the control of helminths in livestock.

The main objectives of the COST Action CAPARA FA0805 are similar to those of the Novel Approaches meeting. However, as indicated by its title “Goat-Parasite Interactions: From Knowledge To Control” this COST Action is specifically dedicated to the caprine production.

Both the Novel Approaches Conferences and the CAPARA Cost Action FA0805 are frameworks where the importance to maintain or expand links between scientific advances and extension services and end-users is underlined.

The joint conference of these two organizations scheduled in Toulouse for 3 days at the end of March 2013 will be organized in 12 common sessions including 2 sessions dedicated to the specific questions on the sustainable  control of helminths in goats, completed with several poster sessions. As underlined by the Conference title "Bridging gaps between scientific advances and farm developments", this will be an unique opportunity for dissemination of recent scientific advances around the topic of helminth control in livestock and for stimulating discussions about the bottle necks before implementation in farm conditions under different epidemiological conditions. In addition, this conference will be a way to create and/or to strenghten collaborations and to share some social events favoured by the atmosphere of South Western France.

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