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Dr. Hervé Hoste
Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique INRA
Position Directeur de Recherche
31076 Toulouse Cedex
Tel. +33 (0)561193875    
Fax +33 (0)561193243

National Institute for Agricultural Research INRA, France


The French National Institute for Agricultural Research INRA is one of the largest agricultural R&D institutions in Europe with more than 7'000 staff and expertise in a wide range of scientific disciplines including animal and crop productions, food quality and processing and environmental science.

Units involved

The following three INRA units are involved in the LowInputBreeds project:

  • Veterinary Parasitology Unit UMR 1225 which is based in the National Veterinary School in Toulouse and represented in LowInputBreeds by Dr. Hervé Hoste. The Unit is a European centre of excellence for R&D in parasitology. 
  • Herbivore Research Unit HRU which is based at INRA Theix and represented by Dr. Sophie Prache. The unit specialises on the improvement of ruminant production systems in tune with economic, quality, environmental, animal welfare and other societal drivers.
  • Livestock Economics Unit UEE which is also based at INRA Theix and represented by Ing. M. Benoit.