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Prof. Dr. Tom Dedeurwaerdere
Université catholique de Louvain
2 Place Montesquieu
Ottignies-LLN 1348
Tel.   OO32 10 862447

University of Louvain, Centre for Philosophy of Law, Belgium


The Centre for Philosophy of Law is an autonomous research entity of the catholic University of Louvain UCLou, whose specific aim is to develop a theory of democratic governance adapted to contemporary society. The Centre for Philosophy of Law coordinates research networks and projects on governance both at national and international level.

The Centre for Philosophy of Law carries out its research into four specific thematic fields: theory of the norm, public common goods and biodiversity, fundamental rights, and corporate governance. The core of the collective research carried out at the Centre for Philosophy of Law relates specifically to the theory of the norm, theory of social regulation and theory of governance. It aims to look for an answer to the fundamental question, i.e. how should we understand the operation by which society regulates itself and acts upon itself by means of norms which it judges to be legitimate.