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Dr. Jascha Leenhouwers
Institute for Pig Genetics BV
Schoenaker 6
6641 SZ  Beuningen
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 24-6779999

IPG, Institute for Pig Genetics BV, The Netherlands

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IPG, Institute for Pig Genetics BV is a leading independent (private) knowledge centre for scientific and information and communication technology services for the improvement of existing breeding and AI programmes in pigs and other species. IPG is divided in sections on information technology, technical administration and R&D (10 staff members) including its own experimental pig farm.

The core activities of IPG are:

  1. Applied R&D in the areas of quantitative breeding, molecular genetics, reproduction and AI
  2. Technical breeding administration and estimation of breeding values
  3. Information and communication technology
  4. Consultancy and training in the field of pig breeding and reproduction
  5. Project management: set up, organisation and execution of experimental work