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Mr. Francisco Colino
C/Chile 8
Las Rozas, Madrid 28290
Tel. +34 916 342147

TOPIGS Iberica/Pigture Ibérica, Spain

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Pigture Ibérica is a leading independent organisation for pig genetics and reproduction technology and services in Spain. Pigture Ibérica is divided into three companies: the holding company and two daughter companies. Pigture Ibérica is the holding company and holds all distribution rights of TOPIGS genetics and AIM Worldwide technology in the territory of Spain. The holding Pigture Ibérica facilitates the administration and financial services to the daughter companies TOPIGS Ibérica S.A. and AIM Ibérica S.A.

TOPIGS Ibérica is the company responsible for breeding, production and distribution of TOPIGS genetics in Spain, selling two commercial sow products and five commercial boar lines. All production is done in Spain via owned, rented and contracted farms. TOPIGS Ibérica has a market share of 25% in Spain.

AIM Ibérica S.A. distributes semen all over Spain and owns six AI stations with a total of 750 boar places. AIM Ibérica provides reproduction services to pig producers and management support to third parties with Artificial Insemination stations. In total, Pigture Ibérica employs 78 persons. The central office is in Madrid.

The core business activities of Pigture Ibérica are:

  • Breeding, production and distribution of TOPIGS genetics in relation to the different market concepts of producing pig meat in Spain
  • Technical breeding services to client
  • Applying Artificial Insemination technology in pigs through self-owned AI stations
  • Management service contracts for Artificial Insemination boar studs of third parties